TMJ Elite Fitness provides a variety of training opportunities that are completely customized based upon age, sport, and ability level.


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Customizable, hockey-specific, dry-land training for youth, high school, and collegiate hockey teams, clubs, and associations.  Both in-season and off-season training is available; with the length and development of the program centered around the goals and objectives of our clients. Hockey-specific training includes stick-handling, shooting and stride development, as well as the more universal training components of performance such as power output, linear and lateral speed, strength, agility, and cardiovascular endurance.


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Agility training is designed with our youth in mind (ages 8-12). The aim of each program is to provide the young athlete with a gateway to the future by establishing a strong foundation. Programs are customized around the client’s age and prior experience, with common themes including body-weight strengthening, linear and lateral speed; footwork, and mental conditioning. Kids will learn the value of hard work and team work, in a fun, positive environment


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Customization, sport- specific, performance training programs designed for any athletic team, club, or association. Youth, high school, and collegiate level programs are offered and available both in-season and off-season. The universal components of performance training such as power output, linear and lateral speed, strength, agility, and cardiovascular endurance are fine-tuned based upon the sport to create a program that meets the goals of the client. Yoga classes are also offered.


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Designed for adults of any age; these customizable programs are aimed at improving all components of physical fitness. All movements are able to be modified based upon the individual’s abilities and current fitness level.  Business employers and employees; this is a great opportunity to work out together; both enhancing productivity and building relationships.